Fortnite Latest Update Allows Instant Reload

Jul 03, 2020 Games

Fortnite Latest Update Allows Instant Reload

Fortnite is easily one of the most popular battle royale games in the world, and had a major hand in revolutionizing and popularizing the battle royale genre amongst gamers globally. The game was inspired by the likes of PUBG which just featured a simple loot and shoot sort of gameplay, and the last remaining player would win. However, Fortnite took that to the next level as it allowed players to build structures and obstacles, and even destroy them within the game to gain the upper hand in battle when fighting others. This makes things a lot more complex than they usually are, and adds a level of skill to the game to differentiate the good players from the mediocre ones.

Fortnite is known to provide regular and timely updates for players on the platform to keep improving new features and aspects of the game. However, the latest update released from Fortnite has included a glitch in the game that may as well lead to a lot of chaos in the game if it doesn’t get fixed soon by the developers. SypherPK, a well-known Fortnite player on Youtube uploaded a video on his channel where he explained this glitch. Basically, before when a user would drop a weapon having fired a few rounds from it, and then picked it back up, the ammo count inside the weapon would remain the same, instead of being back to the full magazine. For example, if you had shot 15 rounds out of 30 from an Assault Rifle, and you dropped and picked the weapon back up, it would still have 15 rounds in the mag, and you’d have to reload it. However, the newest update allows users to drop the gun, and have it fully reloaded once they pick it up again. This allows for an instant reload, and could result in a lot of issues during gunfights.

We do not know whether or not this aspect of the update is intentional, but it may result in serious problems amongst players, especially in tournament matches. We also do not suggest doing this glitch in game, because it may result in a ban for the players.

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