Fortnite CEO Promotes PUBG Amidst War With Apple

Sep 01, 2020 Games

Fortnite CEO Promotes PUBG Amidst War With Apple

Apple and Epic Games have been going at each other for quite some time now, as none of the tech giants look to stop from taking jabs at each other till the case is settled properly in court. A few weeks ago, Apple kicked off Fortnite from their app store because they bypassed Apple’s 30% cut from in-app purchases, and kept all of it for themselves. Apple not only kicked the game off of their platform, but also threatened to put a ban on Epic Games’ own developer platform, being Unreal Engine. This was taken to court, as for the time being, the judge announced that Apple had no position to take a hit at Unreal Engine, even though the decision to kick Fortnite was justifiable from Apple’s position.

In the midst of all of this happening, it seems like Epic is having fun, as earlier they announced a #FreeFortnite event inside of the game, which was actually a tournament held inside Fortnite which offered the winners Anti-Apple rewards, including an evil looking character skin with an Apple as its head. Now, CEO Tim Sweeney isn’t in the mood to dial it back, as he recently tweeted and promoted his direct rival in the battle royale game genre - the other giant, being PUBG.

You might be wondering why the CEO of Fortnite was promoting PUBG openly, as they are technically rivals. Well, the answer to that is that PUBG is actually developed on Epic’s Unreal Engine - and given the hits that Apple tried to take at UE, Tim Sweeney thought to put his company’s own giant developing platform first in priority over any other gaming rivalry.

Apple’s Rivalry Is Deeper Than Any Other Game For Epic

Epic also allowed users and gave assets to let Fortnite players make their own merchandise for Fortnite, and even sell it if they will for the #FreeFortnite campaign. This is definitely a move to make the public opinion leverage more towards Epic than Apple, so that everyone can openly see how malicious Apple’s intents are.

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