Fortnite: App Developers Speak Out Against Apple

Oct 08, 2020 News

Fortnite: App Developers Speak Out Against Apple

The Epic Games vs Apple feud continues as Epic makes the next move in its legal action against Apple’s ban on the videogame Fortnite. Apple removed the game from its app store in August after Epic implemented its own in-app payment system through an update that bypassed Apple’s standard 30 percent fee.

Following the removal, Epic filed a lawsuit against Apple and millions of iOS users who are Fortnite fans are affected by these current circumstances. With all of this, Apple’s exploitative and unfair business practices have come to light, with multiple app developers coming forward with their grievances against Apple and ultimately questioning if Apple is good for the industry. A number of prominent tech giants have banded together to form the Coalition for App Fairness. The coalition highlights three main issues they believe creates an unlevel playing field. They allege:

• Apple takes an unreasonable 30% cut of fees and is too high a tax on commerce

• The app store owners favor the owners’ apps above third-party apps.

• The app stores are “prisons that consumers are required to pay for and that developers cannot escape.”

All in all, Apple’s current business practices is responsible for them having an unfair advantage over developers thus stifling innovative developers. In an interview, the CEO of Epic games reportedly said that Epic was “all in” on their feud against Apple and that they are staking their business on a battle which they feel is right.

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