First Look Of The OnePlus Nord

Jul 04, 2020 News

First Look Of The OnePlus Nord

OnePlus has been teasing us on their latest mid range device for quite some time now, as we have a few details on what the phone may look and feel like. We also got to know recently that it will be named Nord, and not Z or Lite. OnePlus also confirmed it that the phone will not be running on the MediaTek Dimensity series, and that it will rather opt for the Snapdragon 765G, which is a reliable and trusted chipset. That is just about it when it comes to the phone’s details, as OnePlus has done their best to keep all other leaks at bay.

However, they have provided us with a sneaky preview of the Nord, as they posted a short clip on their Instagram page, which shows a woman who has the phone in our hand, and we get little glances at the front and back of the phone while the woman is attempting to video call someone. The phone’s design isn’t anything striking or as flamboyant as other devices we’ve seen in 2020, but that’s okay considering that it’s going to be a mid range device with great specs inside.

From the video, we can tell from the front of the phone that it is going to house a dual selfie camera setup, which isn’t seen on many phones these days, let alone mid rangers. On the back, it’s hard to tell whether it's a quad setup or a triple camera array in the module since it’s dark, but we feel like there are going to be 4 cameras in there. Talking about the color on the device, it seems like the featured device has a gray/pearl white color option, and we can also expect that to be included in the official color list on the Nord.

We can’t wait for OnePlus to enlighten us with more information about the Nord, as it’s surely a device fans and journalists have been waiting on for far too long.

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