FIFA Ultimate Team Faces Lawsuit For Enforced Gambling Through Packs

Aug 18, 2020 Games

FIFA Ultimate Team Faces Lawsuit For Enforced Gambling Through Packs

EA Sports’ FIFA is one of the biggest games in the world, as it generates millions of dollars and attracts millions of players around the world as well. Apart from the CD sales and other sponsors of the game, perhaps their biggest source of revenue generation is through Ultimate Team - an online squad based mode in which users build their own hybrid team of real players and battle it out against other users’ teams across the world. This has been on not just consoles, but also on mobile for a long time. So how does EA Sports make money from this? Well, they allow users to buy packs to get premium, top-of-the-line players quickly, and players don’t mind spending the money in order to make their team stronger. This creates a whole cycle, and a more than adequate stream of money for Electronic Arts.

So what’s wrong in allowing users to buy packs to get players for themselves? Well, that’s where EA Sports gets in trouble. You see, EA includes packs with extremely low possibilities of outcome, and users almost always get bad rewards for their money, which leads them to spend more and more to finally get the big card that they were looking for. This creates a system of gambling and addiction, and EA is exploiting the minds of gamers, more so young ones, to make money for their own company. The gaming company is currently facing a lawsuit regarding this situation, with a plaintiff demanding $5 million in damages from the company.

The lawsuit also referred to the ban of loot boxes in games in Belgium - in which the Belgian Gaming Commission ordered all game developers to put out loot boxes from their games, as gambling is illegal in the country, and loot boxes are considered to be a form of a gamble in games. EA Sports has faced constant backlash from their FIFA series, as fans have complained time and time again about sub-par gameplay, and more and more pay to win schemes inside the game.

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