Feel The First Developer Preview Version Of Android 12 - More Like iOS 14?

Feb 26, 2021 News

Feel The First Developer Preview Version Of Android 12 - More Like iOS 14?

As in previous years, Google recently released the first developer preview of the new system Android 12. Google's vice president of engineering Dave Burke once said that the new system's goal is to provide users with a better experience and performance.

However, since the current version is for developers, it mainly helps them understand the new system's changes in advance and prepare for subsequent application adaptations, so many new features have not yet been reflected in this version. But looking at the leopard, we can still see Google's expectations for Android 12 this year.

The developer preview version of Android 12 only supports Pixel 3 or later models.

Notification Center

Although the magnitude is not large, the changes in the notification center in Android 12 still exist. The first is the change in the layout and font size of the notification item. Also, a button similar to "remind later" is added in the lower right corner. After clicking it, you can choose to send a second reminder after a specific time.

Google also said that in Android 12, opening applications from notifications would be faster.


Emergency SOS

We can find new security and emergency settings in the Android 12 settings menu, including quick access to emergency information (contact information, medical details, etc.), car accident detection, crisis reminders, wireless emergency reminders, and new emergency SOS Features.

The emergency SOS function can be triggered by quickly pressing the power button five times. By default, the emergency SOS function is to dial 911. But in addition to the default 911 alarm number, Android 12 also allows users to set other numbers. Still, if it is not the designated official emergency number, the user has to unlock it before making a call.


Quick Settings

The Quick setting is a demanding Android function, which is convenient for users to quickly set up the phone, including switching flight mode, switching Bluetooth, and controlling audio and video.

In the first developer preview of Android 12, if you don't like individual media players to appear in your quick settings panel, you can turn them off individually in the sound and vibration settings menu. Also, in the lock screen and quick settings menu, Google makes media notifications bigger. Now, the song name and artist show on a single line at the top of the notification. Simultaneously, the player control is at the bottom, and the album cover is on the left, which looks more coordinated.

Quick settings

New Theme System

Android Authority reports that Android 12 will bring a brand new wallpaper-based theme system that will automatically set the system theme according to the wallpaper color. However, it is not yet clear whether this feature will release to the public or not. If users want to use this theming system, they may need to wait for the public test's beta version.


Theme 1

Conversation Widget

XDA developers found that Android 12 will adopt a brand-new dialog widget. The presentation part's style is similar to the pop-up windows provided by some applications and mobile phones. The phone will highlight recent messages, missed calls, or activity status in the conversation widget, just like the Tile in Windows Phone.

Conversation Widget

Privacy Indicator Similar To iOS 14

Apple added the privacy indicator function to iOS 14 last year. Once the microphone and camera of the device called by the app are detected, the corresponding green dot/yellow dot will appear in the status bar, and the pull-down notification center will also inform the user which apps to call. Camera/microphone.

In the developer preview of Android 12, some developers found that the new system has also added similar features. When the application uses the camera or microphone, the user will receive a warning in the status bar indicator. Clicking the indicator icon on the status bar will pop up a pop-up window at the top of the screen, telling the user which applications are using the camera or microphone. Leaked development documents show that these indicators will display at the top of the screen in bright colors, and in any case, as long as the camera or microphone is accessed, they will be displayed.


More Convenient Wi-Fi Sharing

In Android 12, if you want to share your Wi-Fi network with someone, click the "Nearby" button that appears on the Wi-Fi network sharing screen. The corresponding Wi-Fi certificate will share automatically with the nearby designated People.

Other Features Of Android 12

  • One-hand operation mode
  • Support AVIF image
  • Support multi-channel audio
  • Optimize gamepad experience
  • Scrolling screenshot

According to Google's roadmap, from February to mid-April, Android 12 will undergo multiple rounds of developer preview iterations, and the first beta test version will launch in late April. The official version may follow the new Pixel series in October. Last year, the official version of Android 11 was open for download on September 8.



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