Facebook launch it's E.gg App Allows You to Design Your Own Zine-Like Webpages

Nov 24, 2020 App News

Facebook launch it's E.gg App Allows You to Design Your Own Zine-Like Webpages

Facebook has its branches in a lot of different segments in the market. It has ownership of multiple billion dollar companies, and is constantly in the search for finding new ways to innovate and find new products to release or own. Now, the company has launched a new app called “E.gg” and it is pretty much aimed at steering young individuals back to the company's huge network of apps. The app basically allows users to make their own artsy web pages on the app which resemble old-school zines in magazines and old newspapers.

This new app is very much going to be trendy in some time, as old school trends and aesthetics are coming back as people have started to get a new-found love for classic old things and designs. The app will allow you to make collages, combine pictures and gifs from GIPHY - which is another app owned by Facebook just by the way - and a lot more to create pretty little web pages which then you can go on to share with your friends and family to show off your design skills.

People have already started using the app which is available for free as of now on the App Store in the US, to create recipes, guidelines, collages and what not, as there’s a lot of potential to be experimental and creative with this unique platform. There could be plenty of ways to make use of it, as it will depend on the creative juices of the users to make the most out of it.

The new app might be a way of trying to bring new users to their network by Facebook, as a study found out that they lost about 2 million daily active users recently, and their daily usage is going down, because the youth frankly feels more connected to social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat, as Facebook is more lenient towards elders as it’s considered by the youth of our day and age. Nonetheless, E.gg looks to be intriguing, and we can’t wait to try it out.

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