Facebook Introduces New Security Features For Messenger App

Jul 23, 2020 App News

Facebook Introduces New Security Features For Messenger App

Facebook has been on a hunt to try and make its apps as secure as possible for users to use, and along the way they’ve announced a lot of security features to do just that. Now, they’re walking in the same direction yet again, as the social media giant is looking at new updates to the Messenger app to make it more secure for users. Facebook will introduce a feature that will allow users to put a limit on who can message them and who can’t, as it plans to take a similar route to that of Instagram, which also amped up it’s safety options in the chat section.

The new limiting feature will allow you to choose if people can message you directly or not, or if their messages will go to your requests section or directly to your inbox. The same rule will be applied for calls by strangers as well, as you’ll have an option to allow people to call you or send the calls to the side in the requests section. The social media app will also experiment with an option to blur images sent by people who aren’t in your friend list, as these images can be inappropriate. Another feature being tested out is the ability to lock individual chats inside of Messenger. You’ll be able to unlock and access a chat with someone via fingerprint or face unlock, so even if someone opens Messenger on your phone, they won’t be able to check your personal chats with others. This feature is currently available to use on iOS devices, and will soon be coming to Android as well.

It’s great to see social media apps trying to make their platforms secure for the user base so they don’t feel vulnerable or insecure when talking to their loved ones.

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