Everything We Know About The LG Velvet

Jun 02, 2020 Reviews

Everything We Know About The LG Velvet

LG has given us some great phones in the past, like some of the previous G series in the past, mainly getting a lot of attention for G4. However, after going through a troubling hiatus with a lot of their phones turning into bricks with weird software issues that were reported by several LG users. This was a point where LG had really lost trust and reputation amongst the masses in the smartphone market, and LG hasn’t really recovered fully from that yet. Phones like the V60 and last year’s G8 did get some hype, but these flagships from LG just weren’t good enough to beat their respective Samsung, Apple and Huawei competitors - and now with more companies in the flagship segment like OnePlus and Xiaomi, it was hard for LG to even survive. Therefore, with the new Velvet, they’ve targeted an upper mid-range market and have changed their design which has definitely created a lot of noise in the tech world. Let’s hop into the preview and see what the LG Velvet will be all about, according to the information provided by LG.

Design & Build

Well, this is the biggest thing that has caught the eye of many reporters and users all over the world in the LG Velvet. The new, rain-drop back design is undoubtedly unique in its own regard, and a breath of fresh air from all the cliched quad camera setups in a vertical pattern. LG has decided not to opt for a module at all, and there are 4 circular separate cameras that go down in a somewhat descending order. The back seems to be glass, but could as well be ceramic. Nonetheless, it looks elegant, and will definitely attract attention when being used. The front has a 6.8” humongous screen with a water drop notch on top - something we wish would’ve been eliminated because of how the trend seems to be either towards motorized front cameras or punchole setups. However, it’s safe to say that it all ties together nicely with the edge display and the overall aesthetic of the phone being pleasing to the eyes. 


This is where we’ll notice that LG is not trying to compete with the sharks in the ocean. The company has decided to target that 700-800 dollar market which mostly has worse versions of other companies’ flagships - and dominate it with their newest addition in the game. The Velvet won’t be housing a Snapdragon 865 to save up on expenses. However, that doesn’t mean that the phone’s performance is going to be bad. The 765G chipset used inside the Velvet is an incredible SoC that delivers both power and efficiency at a much lower cost than the flagship processors by Snapdragon. You won’t have to worry about gaming on this device because it will glide by any apps or heavy games that you throw at it without any issues whatsoever. Moreover, you also get the availability of 5G, meaning you can, out-of-the-box, make use of all the benefits of 5G connection if you have access to one with the LG Velvet. 


The display on the Velvet should be expected to be great, due to the very fact that LG is helping manufacturers like Huawei and Apple to make screens for their flagship devices. It won’t be a surprise if the screen on LG’s latest device is going to be a top-notch one as well. The display will be a 1080x2460 FHD+ OLED panel, which we can expect to have punchy colors. Brightness and everything else will probably be determined closer to the release, because as of now, there’s no way to tell. The 6.8” screen size will be a problem for most people though, because of the difficulty of one handed use. Most people don’t have giant hands, which will make this phone suitable and usable only with two hands. 


The raindrop setup on the back consists of 3 cameras: a main 48MP shooter, an 8MP ultrawide and a 5MP depth sensor. This setup won’t amaze anyone, and will probably get outclassed by phones such as the 2020 iPhone SE and the Pixel 4a, both of which will retail for about half the price of the Velvet if things stay the same. However, it won’t be terrible either. We’ll have to see what sensors LG uses in the phone to make the best out of the camera setup, because it’s one of the most important aspects of a phone for users, if not the most important. 

Battery & Others

The Velvet will feature a 4300 mAh battery cell, which seems comparatively small, considering the competition it will be going against and the screen size it comes with. LG claims that they’re going to use some smart technology to make the battery more efficient and ultimately last longer than usual units. We’ll have to wait and see how efficient they can actually make the battery. However, with an addition of capable fast charging - preferably over 25W - LG won’t really have any problems in the battery department. 

Moreover, the phone will come with 8 gigs of RAM and 128GB of storage, with an option to upgrade to an insane 2TB with an external SD card. That’s unheard of, and we hope LG stays true to their word.


What we also hope is that LG reduces their price point for the Velvet, because of the intense competition from budget/lower mid-range phones which house the same chipset as their device. Phones like the Redmi K30 5G definitely seem like a better deal when you can find them for less than 350 dollars on the market. If LG manages to get their device down to about 550-600 bucks, they’re sure to face great response from the market - something they’ve been longing for for years.

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