EU Users Can Now View Google Play Store Content Of Other EU Countries

Jul 14, 2020 App News

EU Users Can Now View Google Play Store Content Of Other EU Countries

A lot of times you may have wondered what the Google Play Store must look like for other countries.The list of games and apps that are grossing on top for other countries as well, and not just those that are doing well in your country. Your likes may as well align with those from a different region, and you would be curious about what people are playing elsewhere. Well, this functionality had no official solution, as Google didn’t allow users to view what the Playstore looks like for other people in other countries. VPN was considered a way to fix it, but it didn’t really solve the issue as Google still controlled the server end of things.

However, now Google is actually allowing users to view how the charts and content look in other countries. The list isn’t really global yet, as the feature is only available for Europe, with users residing within the continent having the option to view the Play Store of other European countries as well. Users will be able to view the content from other countries, but they won’t be able to download any apps or games that aren’t available in their country though. To make use of the feature, just open the Google Play Store on your browser, and log out of your Google Account. Once that’s done, just swipe down to the bottom, and you’ll get the option of viewing other countries’ content.

The interactive feature will only be available for you if you reside in Europe, including the UK for now. We hope to see this become a global thing, with people from countries all over the world being able to view what the Play Store looks like for other nations across the world.

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