Epic Hosting A #FreeFortnite Cup Which Will Give Users Anti-Apple Rewards

Aug 21, 2020 Games

Epic Hosting A #FreeFortnite Cup Which Will Give Users Anti-Apple Rewards

Epic Games has been in a constant battle with Apple from the past few weeks, as the two have been going at each other for a while now. The issues started when Epic publicly stated how the fact that Apple takes 30% of the revenue that apps make from their in-app purchases made by users is unfair and an unjust law, as it should be eradicated. After months having passed on with Epic having to comply with that law and providing Apple 30% of their share, the Fortnite developers decided that it was getting too much, and finally started directing all of their revenues to themselves, without giving any chunks to Apple. The tech giant took note of that, and immediately kicked Fortnite off the app store.

Epic hasn’t held back from responding though, as they filed a lawsuit against the California based company, and now have announced a #FreeFortnite tournament inside the game which will give users “Anti-Apple” rewards.

So what are those Anti-Apple rewards?

Well, players are going to team up with friends and play the #FreeFortnite cup taking place on the 23rd of August, in which the winners of the tournament will get a chance to win a variety of rewards. Firstly, the evil looking character with the apple head shown in the tweet above will actually be a character skin that players will have a chance to win. Moreover, you’ll also get #FreeFortnite caps as rewards, along with a bunch of other devices that are everything but Apple. These include OnePlus 8 Pro, Galaxy S7 Tab, PS4 Pro and more.

Moreover, Epic has also asked iOS users to get on another platform to play the upcoming season of Fortnite, as they won’t be able to do so on their Apple devices. They have also been asked to tweet to Apple with the #FreeFortnite hashtag and let users get what they want.

The situation is getting more and more tense between the two heavyweights, as it looks like now it's Epic with the upper hand in the battle. We’ll have to wait and watch how Apple responds to the lawsuits and the tweets made at them by their own loyal users.

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