Epic Games Is Finally Coming To The Play Store

Jun 08, 2020 News

Epic Games Is Finally Coming To The Play Store

Epic Games has been one of the most popular gaming developers since the past couple of years; or to put it in better words - ever since Fortnite was released. Fortnite has surely taken the world by storm, and still continues to hit record active users on a daily basis. It was considered as an alternative to the Battle-Royale powerhouse PUBG, but soon took over in sales and users as it introduced a unique way of combat which featured not only gun skills but also building structures to aid players in the battle field. Their marketing has been top-notch as well, as they’ve been endorsed and promoted by several celebrities as well.

However, one thing they haven’t gotten on point has been their relationship with Google. Epic Games is not on Google Play Store, and instead allows android users to download their launcher from their own website as an APK of some sorts. This was due to Google taking 30% of the app’s sales, and Epic Games wasn’t a fan of that move. Google tackled this by saying that APK’s aren’t as secure, and could bring a threat to mobile security. Epic Games went right back at them as they said that Google claiming 30% of app sales is illegal and should be prohibited. This back and forth has resulted in some sort of bad blood between the two giants. 

Even after this, Tim Sweeny has seemed to soften up to the situation, as in a recent interview with GameStop, the Epic Games CEO said that he planned to bring his app launcher to the Google Play Store soon: 

In an interview that kicked off GameSpot's Play For All summer gaming event, Sweeney spoke about the EGS's success, the difficulties releasing a competitor to the massively popular Steam, how cross-play can be a boon for the industry, and much more. During the interview, we asked Sweeney if he had any goals for the EGS in the future, which is when he brought up mobile devices.

"We'd like to bring the [Epic Games] Store to iOS in the future, and we will bring it to Android," Sweeney said. "We think it's a good way to help the industry [move] forward and it's another way where Epic as a game developer had built up this audience around Fortnite and learned how to operate a distribution platform on PC and Android.

We hope that the two companies reconcile, and that we can download Fortnite officially from the Play Store with ease. 

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