Enjoy 20 Pro Is The Latest Huawei Phone And It's Pretty Good!

Jun 24, 2020 News

Enjoy 20 Pro Is The Latest Huawei Phone And It's Pretty Good!

Huawei has released another great mid range device in the Chinese market on the 19th of June, and we have got the information you need on the phone. We do not have enough information on whether the device will be available in global markets as well after the Chinese release, but we hope that we can get our hands on the phone as well, because it surely looks promising to say the least. Huawei has a history of making top phones with impressive specs at affordable prices for the masses, and that strategy has helped them become the biggest smartphone manufacturer as of April 2020, surpassing even Samsung.

From reports we got from Weibo (Chinese), we found out the name, and some of the specs of the latest Huawei smartphone. The phone is called the Enjoy 20 Pro, which is a name we haven’t heard much of in the Huawei lineup of phones - so it seems like a series that the company may be looking to advance forward. The phone will feature a processor that was being called the MediaTek Tianji 800 5G after getting the Chinese translated to English. We think this is the Dimensity 800 5G processor by MediaTek which is used on a few other devices, and is an impressive SoC for the mid-range segment of phones. You’ll also get 6GB RAM and 128GB of storage on the base variant, which we feel will be enough for most users. A 90Hz display and 22.5W fast charging for its 4000 mAh battery are both great features for the price as well.

If we talk about pricing, then the phone is being sold in China for 1999 yuans for the base variant, which is about 280 USD or so. However, we understand that the phone might cost more for the global release than the Chinese one, so we expect the phone to retail at around 350 dollars at least. However, it’s still a decent phone for that price and will catch some eyes - but Huawei will need to fix its Google ban issue as soon as possible because that’s the only blemish on the top-tier phones the company has been releasing since then.

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