Double Storage, Elevated Price - Samsung Galaxy A21s’ New 128GB Edition Launched in Pakistan

Oct 24, 2020 News

Double Storage, Elevated Price - Samsung Galaxy A21s’ New 128GB Edition Launched in Pakistan

Samsung has been the biggest phone maker in the world for quite some time now, as it also took back its rightful throne at the top from Huawei once again, after it lost it to the Chinese company a few months ago. There are several factors as to why Samsung remains at the top - by a decent margin as well. Perhaps the main reason, after of course considering the quality of the Korean manufacturer’s devices, is the amount of phones it actually sells in the market.

Samsung currently has phones in all ranges of the smartphone spectrum, ranging from $100 devices, to ones that cost a grand, and all the way to phones that come with a price tag of $2000. This tactic has kept Samsung at the top, and gives the company the largest market share in the game.

Following in that trend, Samsung’s recently announced brand new A21s also takes on another market segment, as it finally comes in Pakistan as well for consumers to buy. The phone is listed at 33,000 PKR, as it packs some great features, and some underwhelming ones.

The phone consists of a 720p display, which is unlike Samsung as they always compromise on other components to keep the display top-notch - but considering it’s made by Samsung, it’s probably still the best in class. The phone also comes with a massive 5,000mAh battery, a feature that Samsung has been focusing on quite a bit recently as well. The processor is an Exynos 850 chipset, which again like Samsung, doesn’t really promise all that much compared to its competitors.

The phone only scores just above 100,000 on Antutu, which is poor at this price even, considering there are devices like the Redmi Note 9, and the recent Tecno Pova - both of which are plenty powerful even at this price segment.

The rest of the phone is just like the price suggests - decent. It wouldn’t be a bad purchase, considering you get the reliability of Samsung, and still decent performance if all you want to do is browse through social media and do other light tasks on your device.

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