Discover this Huge Problem in 5G Apple iPhone 12 mini

Nov 19, 2020 News

Discover this Huge Problem in 5G Apple iPhone 12 mini

The iPhone 12 series just got launched by Apple, as they look to be one of the most popular iPhone series in the history of Apple, with great new features, and major steps towards the right direction. However, some steps might not have been for the best, as some users are now reporting issues that they’re facing on their newly bought 5G enabled iPhone 12 phones, and the issue could be a major problem for Apple to solve, as this seriously hurts their image as a phone manufacturer, especially after the company is known to be a perfectionist in the simple things that take place in the daily life of a phone user.

The issue that a lot of new users of the iPhone 12 highlighted was the fact that they weren’t able to see or receive messages from the Messages app on the new iPhones, as group chats would not show up whatsoever. These problems were being stated all over, including Reddit, Apple’s public communities, and other social media platforms. One user had this to say on Apple’s customer service community page:

 "I am unable to see group message replies regardless of carrier. Just (bought) this new iPhone 12 and so far, NOT IMPRESSED. It is crucial that am I able to see texts, responses etc from my groups. What is the fix? Yes I have done all the previous steps to try to correct the issue as posted on this forum.. Still no fix. Come Apple - fix this."

Other users talked about how this was not at all consistent with the contacts even, as they’d not receive texts or see them randomly with users, be it conversations with other Apple users, or just Android users even. Moreover, it could also not be said that this is an issue with the carriers, as the problem persisted with cases from all three major carrier services in the US - hence it seems to be an Apple problem.

The company will definitely try to fix the issue, as there hasn’t been posted a proper fix for the problem anywhere.

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