Dark Mode Finally Coming To Facebook App

Jun 09, 2020 News

Dark Mode Finally Coming To Facebook App

Dark mode has been on the mind of every phone user from the past year or so. Every user wants to change their user interface and app designs to a dark theme instead of the standard white color pattern that most apps feature by default. A lot of apps and both iOS and Android have started opening up to Dark Mode more and more as time passes, with an option to switch to a dark theme available in the settings of both Operating Systems. As all the apps under Facebook have opted for a dark mode inside their interface, Facebook itself remains to provide that option for users. 

Instagram, Messenger and Whatsapp, all owned by Facebook, introduced dark mode in their apps, with Messenger having it for over a year, Instagram opting for it since last fall, and Whatsapp hopping in on the party about a couple of months ago. Everyone has been waiting on Facebook’s app to make its move, and follow suit with its desktop app in adding a dark theme. However, the wait may not be much longer now, as we have leaks and screenshots showing an unofficial beta version of Facebook running on a dark grey theme. 


It certainly isn’t black or completely dark, but the dark grey tones will still help a lot with saving battery and of course being less straining on the eyes. We do not know exactly when Facebook plans to release the final version of Facebook for the public which will contain dark mode, but we are certain that it’s going to be in our hands in the near future. 

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