Daraz.pk Coming With Great Huawei Deals On June 22th!

Jun 17, 2020 News

Daraz.pk Coming With Great Huawei Deals On June 22th!

Daraz.pk is one of the biggest e-commerce stores of pakistan, if not the biggest. It goes on sale multiple times in a year, with blessed Friday, Pakistan Day and a lot more. Previously, Daraz was just a place where people could sell stuff, and it mostly consisted of 3rd party sellers. It’s like the Amazon of Pakistan, and has almost everything you could need in one place. However, recently as the website has grown, they have taken on board a lot of official companies and manufacturers, who sell directly on the website. One such manufacturer is smartphone giant Huawei. Huawei has the second most market share in the smartphone business, only behind Samsung; that speaks volumes of how big the company actually is. Now, they’ve partnered up with Daraz to provide never before deals on its smartphones, and you can avail the deals for yourself as well. We’ll be talking about three such devices that you can pre-order now as they’ll go live on sale from June 22th, being the Y8p, Y7p and the Y5p.

These three phones are meant to target three different segments of the smartphone market. One is a mid-range device, one is a lower mid-range device, and seems like the best option to us, and one is a budget device for users who just need a smartphone for Facebook and Whatsapp.


The Y8p will be retailing for around 35,000 rupees, and packs a solid punch for the price tag it’s coming with. As of now, there’s some sort of glitch with the website and it’s displaying the Y8p’s price as 99,000 rupees - so don’t worry because that won’t be the final price at all! This model has the Kirin 710F chip, which a solid SoC and will glide through most tasks thrown at it. Although, it isn’t a powerhouse chipset, and won’t support high graphics gaming on 60 FPS. However, your PUBG needs will be fulfilled with this one, as it will easily run PUBG on smooth settings and with decent frame rates as well. You’ll also get 6 gigs of RAM and 128GB storage, which is more than enough for any kind of usage. You also get a triple camera setup on the back, with the main shooter being an ample 48MP - expect the Y8p to take good pictures!


It’s peculiar, but the lower priced model Y7p looks better than its older brother, as it rocks the punch-hole camera setup on the front which is much more aligned with 2020 and how smartphones look nowadays - whereas the Y8p has a water-drop display, which we feel is a little outdated, but still looks decent nonetheless. The Y7p also sports Huawei’s Kirin 710F chipset, and performance is going to be somewhat similar to the Y8p, with gaming being identical. However, it is to be noted that the Y7 has 4GB RAM, compared to the Y8’s 6GB, and it also has only 64GB storage. However, the phone will also cost almost 7-8000 Pakistani Rupees lesser than its older sibling, and that’s a point to take note of. We feel that the Y7p is the best deal you can get amongst the three phones, and you should get it fast as it might get sold out really quickly.


This is a budget device, and that’s shown by its price point which is going to be around 12-13 thousand Rupees. For that price, the phone looks really decent, with an iPhone like back camera module, which is a singular unit. We appreciate Huawei to give good looking devices to the lower-end users as well, and not just keep them for their flagship devices. The phone will have only 32GB storage and 2GB RAM - don’t expect to be playing PUBG on this phone, but it will be more than enough for social media usage, and other lightweight tasks.

All in all, we feel that Daraz is providing a great deal on these smartphones, and the fact that they’re going to be sold by Huawei officially will give a sense of security to buyers. Mark your calendars for June 22th, and get ready for the sale to go live!

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