Coronavirus (COVID-19) Can Stay On Smartphones For Upto 28 Days

Oct 14, 2020 News

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Can Stay On Smartphones For Upto 28 Days

We’re currently going through a time frame where nothing seems to be going normally as it used to. 2020 has been hit by one of the worst global diseases we’ve seen in a while, which has caused a lot of the routine things to go out of the norm. Yes, we’re talking about the much dreaded coronavirus which has taken the world by storm, disrupting everyone’s lives. People can not gather much in public anymore, universities have chosen to teach online, sports have been going on without any audience or fans - and just a whole lot more that has gone wrong with the world due to the coronavirus.

One issue with the virus is the way it spreads, and perhaps one of the more common reasons for it spreading is through surfaces. We heard a few months ago that COVID-19 particles stay on soft fabrics like cotton up to 3-4 days and on harder materials for longer. However, it’s now been tested that corona particles can live for 28 days on a smartphone, due to most of the phones being made of glass and plastic.

This is truly an alarming piece of information for most people, as smartphones are one of the most used equipment on a daily basis, and the fact that coronavirus can stay on phones for 28 days should be a thing of concern for all smartphone owners. We should be taking care of ourselves when we go out in public, wiping clean our clothes, phones and wallets when we come back home with alcohol swabs or something similar, so that we can stay safe and prevent the spreading of the deadly virus around us.

May we all stay safe during these difficult times.

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