ColorOS 8 Release Date And Features

Jul 19, 2020 News

ColorOS 8 Release Date And Features

Oppo is a leading smartphone manufacturer globally, and has gained quite a lot of attention in the past few years or so. Phones like the Find X2 Pro have gotten the company a lot of praise for making top-of-the-order smartphones that can easily go head-to-head or even surpass the likes of Samsung and Huawei. A main part of a good smartphone is its software, and ColorOS on Oppo devices has gotten mixed reviews in the past. Nonetheless, Oppo still has to release a new software version every year, and this year we’re going to see ColorOS 8 based on Android 11 that will also be coming out later this year.

Oppo’s Find X2 Pro already has the Android 11 Beta available for download, but it’s paired with ColorOS 7.2 as of now. When the stable release of Android 11 does arrive later in the year, we’re going to see it paired with ColorOS 8 as well. The upcoming version of Oppo’s software doesn’t seem to be bringing any major overhauls, but there are minor tweaks that improve upon the pre-existing piece of OS, just like Android 11 itself. Here are some of the major features you should know that are coming to ColorOS 8:

Notification History

You can now check all your notifications in the Notification History Tab, even if you swipe them away. This can prevent you from missing out on any important news and information, because many times you press on “clear all”, and it swipes away all your notifications. This won’t be an issue anymore.

App Permission Improvements

The software will automatically clear all permissions from an app that you haven’t used for a long time, so you don’t have background creepers that get your location and other information even when not being used.

Tag Important Notifications

Sometimes some notifications can be much more important to you than the others, and that’s why you need some to stand out from the whole pack of notifications. Now you can tag the important notifications, so they’re kept as a priority for you.

These features seem to focus on improving the overall user experience, and it definitely will make using Oppo devices better than on previous OS versions.

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