CoD Mobile Season 7 Is Out: Here's All The Information You Need

Jun 15, 2020 Games

CoD Mobile Season 7 Is Out: Here's All The Information You Need

Call of Duty has been the face of shooting games for a long time now, with about 17 years of being in the gaming industry. Yes, the first CoD was released in 2003, and since then the game has been rising up the charts and only getting better year in year out. With incredibly popular titles like the Black Ops Series, critically acclaimed Modern Warfare games, and the recently their latest battle royale game being CoD Warzone, the company has been killing it in the gaming department for quite a while now. However, with the level of computing in smartphones being so high these days, there has been a huge space in the gaming industry for smartphones - and Call of Duty wanted a part of that too. 

Call of Duty was the fastest mobile game to reach 100 million downloads, and it’s understandable considering the quality of gameplay that’s inside the game. The game, developed by TiMi and published by Activision, has a lot to like about it. It consists of several maps from previous Call of Duty franchises, with popular ones including Crash, Nuketown, Firing Range to name a few. It also consists of a lot of the same guns, with a few being new to Call of Duty Mobile, or with changed names due to copyright issues. There’s also a battle royale mode alongside the multiplayer experience, and it brings helicopters, rocket launchers and a lot more to the game. The developers have been keen to roll out regular Season updates to keep the content fresh, and recently the game came out with Season 7, which we’re going to discuss in this article. 


With each season, CoD brings out a new theme on which all the character skins and gun skins are based on. Last season’s theme was based on a western theme, and thus had the name “Wild West”. The battle pass, which gives you rewards as you progress tiers, gave out a western themed MSMC as the final tier 50 reward for the premium version, for which you have to pay for. This season’s theme has been based on a chemical warfare type of situation, and is called “Radioactive Agent”. 

Just like the previous premium battle passes, this season gives you 2 epic characters, being the much-loved persona Ghost in a hazmat suit, and Kruger - Chemist, which also is in a hazmat suit with a long mask on his face. These surely have been one of the better looking characters we’ve seen in a battle pass. Moreover, free battle pass users will get a few guns in the “radioactive” skin, which we feel look much better than the premium “blockade” epic skins, which are plain boring. Free users will also be able to get their hands on the brand new QQ9, which is essentially the MP5 from previous CoD games, just with a different name due to branding issues. The tier 50 premium reward will be an epic version of the MP5, and it surely looks great. The game has also revamped the way the battle pass screen looks now, and we can’t say we’re big fans of it, as the previous design was much easier to understand and operate. 

Ranked Mode Rewards

Finally, after months of being teased about the HBRa3 being one of the best weapons in the game, free-to-play gamers will be able to get their hands on the Assault Rifle as well. The HBRa3 was previously only attainable through a paid lucky draw which came out a few months ago for a short time period. However, now you can get the HBR for free as a ranked reward when you reach the Pro II level. Further on, after you reach Master III, you can also get yourself an epic MSMC - Wasteland, which looks decent as well. 

Battle Royale Map Updates

Battle royale received a lot of updates this season, with an expanded map, new weapons in the game and a literal TANK inside the game that can be used by players. After these upgrades, we noticed the competition inside BR mode to have increased as well, as there are barely any bots in the game now. You will also be able to get yourself an epic character skin Battery - Skulls & Blood by reaching Master II inside of BR. 

All in all, we feel that the Season 7 update has been a successful one, and it is going to be one which will satisfy all CoD mobile players in the sense that they’re going to be getting a lot of in-game stuff that they previously couldn’t get their hands on, in addition to all of the new features that have been added inside of the game. 

To know more about the update, head on to the official website by Call of Duty.

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