Captain America Comes To Fortnite

Jul 04, 2020 Games

Captain America Comes To Fortnite

There’s a reason as to why Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world, with one of the largest user bases in the gaming industry. Apart from the creative gaming experience, where players can not only fight using looted weapons and all like the usual battle royale games, but they can also build obstacles and actual towers to gain advantage while fighting other players in the game. Yes the gameplay is unique and thrilling. However, a major factor in Fortnite’s popularity is their marketing strategies that they’ve used over the years.

Epic Games has done a tremendous job in making sure users can relate with the game, and get fresh, new, and exciting content regularly from the developers. Fortnite goes the extra mile as compared to other games, by providing users quality entertainment apart from just the playing experience, to make sure they tune in to the game often. We recently saw the Travis Scott virtual concert in the game, which had a ginormous holographic visual of the famous rapper, and players could join in on the concert with their friends to have fun and dance around.

Now with their latest update, Epic Games is bringing out Captain America in the game as a playable skin. You’ll be able to buy him for 2000 V Bucks inside the store, along with a matching emote for an extra 300 on top. The shield will be usable as well, as instead of dropping into a game initially with a pickaxe, players with the Captain America skin will have the iconic shield instead. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an iconic Marvel character in Fortnite, as there was a whole event that went on for Thanos, which was a powerful, playable character in-game. We’ve also seen the likes of Black Widow, Deadpool in the past get featured in the game, and even Aquaman who will be included in this season’s battle pass rewards.

All in all, it’s great to see Fortnite providing such content for its player base regularly, and making sure there’s always fresh stuff on the platform for gamers to enjoy. We also recently saw Fortnite leave its early access stage after 3 years of existence, which will also mean new updates for players in the near future.

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