Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10 Dropping Soon!

Sep 08, 2020 Games

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10 Dropping Soon!

Call of Duty Mobile has been racking up downloads and users from all over the world, as it’s becoming THE go to shooting game for players, especially if they want to get into the competitive scene. Especially after the banning of PUBG in several countries, CoD Mobile took over and people have started playing the famous first person shooter now.

The current and ongoing Season 9 brought a plethora of changes along with it, as it completely changed the dynamics of the game. In what might be considered the best update the game has seen during its short lifetime, CoD Mobile introduced a Gunsmith system, which followed the mechanics of CoD MW on consoles and PC, and brought a complex weapon upgrading system to the game. You can grind for camos, and ultimately get the Gold camo once you’ve unlocked all the others. Moreover, there were other changes like a 10v10 mode, a new map in Shipment 1944, and a lot more - including battle royale upgrades which people have appreciated a lot as well.

Now, in a couple of days or so, Season 10 is about to drop, and is bringing more exciting content for the players, including a new battle pass, more classic maps and new multiplayer modes as well.

The Season is being called “The Hunt”, as it’s going to be a forest based theme for the battle pass. You’re going to get 4 new Epic characters in the battle pass, along with several new epic gun blueprints and more.

cod mobile s10

Terminal, an all time classic CoD: MW2 map will be coming to the game as well, which players will love the news of. Pine is also another new map coming in Season 10 - however, it’s going to be only for 2v2 gunfight duels and 1v1 matches.

The complete patch notes provided by CoD Mobile Garena version are down below.

s10 cod mobile

New Premium Battle Pass Rewards

- New Epic soldiers: Mara - Valkyrie, Makarov - Splinter, Mace - Tombstone, Outrider - Amazonas

- New Epic blueprints: Echo - Demon Eyes, GKS - Scion, LK24 – Backwoods, XPR-50 - Arachnophobia

- New Epic “Bloodline” themed weapons

- New Legendary Calling Card - Fatal Attraction

New Free Battle Pass Rewards

- New base shotgun: Echo. High-Capacity Shotgun with medium rate continuous fire. Perfect weapon for intense and persistent close-range combat

- New Operator skill: Equalizer. Dual integrated machine guns with built-in suppressors for close quarters combat.

New Event rewards

- New Perk: High Alert. Your vision pulses when enemies outside of your view see you. Mark an enemy for your team by aiming down sights.

New Featured Game Modes

cod season 10


- A more intense multiplayer experience. Lower health bar, no health regeneration, no killcam, limited HUD and friendly fire damage.

- Available for Team Death Match, Domination, Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed

- Available on Crash, Standoff, Summit, Crossfire, and more


- Capture and hold the Headquarters to earn points. No respawns when defending.

- Available on Crash, Terminal, Standoff, Summit, Crossfire, and more

New Maps


- The long-awaited fan favorite awaits boarding for for Call of Duty: Mobile players. Take the fight to the tarmac on this classic map with a new destructible glass feature.

- Available for Team Death Match, Domination, Search & Destroy, Hardpoint, 10vs10 Team Death Match, 10vs10 Domination, and more

- Terminal will soon be added to Ranked mode map rotation for Hardpoint and S&D


- Enjoy the relaxing scenery and sound of gunfire in this close quarters map nestled deep in the forest.

- Available for Gun Fight, 1v1 Duel

cod mobile season 1

New Battle Royale Class: Hacker

-Hack the enemy’s mini map to conceal your position for a brief period, destroy most enemy devices, and prevent the enemy from activating class skills. You are immune to other Hacker’s abilities.


Battle Royale

-Blueprint weapons are no longer pre-equipped with optic attachments by default. Sights/optics can be picked up and equipped to the optic slot. Sights on customized weapons are unable to be swapped in a match.


- Players can move through the after-match reports quicker. “Next” button will be displayed in XP summary and event progress page, and players can skip all animated updates.

- Fixed an issue where sniper rifle shots occasionally may not register as hits"

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