Call Of Duty Mobile Rolls Out Season 8

Jul 10, 2020 Games

Call Of Duty Mobile Rolls Out Season 8

CoD Mobile has been on an exponential growth since its launch last year, as it has crossed all major download records in mobile stores. That’s due to the undenying love for the game in the community for years, as Call of Duty has been the most popular shooting game on consoles for over a decade. CoDM initially had a lot of bugs and issues that it needed to solve. In the middle of Season 1 of the game, a lot of players complained about the abundance of hackers inside the game who simply ruined the playing experience for top players. Fast forward almost a year now, and the game is now in Season 8.

Season 8 for CoD Mobile was released today, as it brought a long new game mode, a new popular map, guns and an entirely new theme inside the game. The theme set for this season is based around apocalypse day, and all the guns and characters inside the battle pass are shaped towards that theme. Speaking about the battle pass, this season’s premium version of the pass has received a lot of praise from the CoD community, as it contained the most amount of epic skins in the history of the game. The battle pass would usually reward the players with 2 character skins at most - but the developers included 4 this time, which is an absolute delight for the players. A popular gun from PUBG and other CoD titles, Scar-H, is also added to the game, as it’s being called DR-H for copyright issues.

The new game mode added to the multiplayer lobby is Juggernaut. Players essentially take turns in getting into a XS-1 Goliath (a huge robot with a mini-gun attached to its arm), as the others attempt to kill the goliath. Moreover, Highrise, a much-loved map from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, has also been added to the game - inside of ranked mode as well.

All in all, the update is one of the best we’ve gotten from CoD Mobile, and it’s great to see the game catering to its player base and giving them as much rewards as they can in the shape of epic skins.

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