ByteDance Is Establishing Its Centre For TikTok In Singapore

Sep 11, 2020 App News

ByteDance Is Establishing Its Centre For TikTok In Singapore

ByteDance is looking to find a way to escape all the drama that has surrounded its popular app TikTok, as the Chinese company plans to establish a Data Centre in the hub of Singapore. ByteDance is looking to spend billions of dollars to make Singapore its main centre of operation, as the country has been the first choice of many tech companies in the past few years. The TikTok owner has already applied for a licence to open up a digital data bank in Singapore, as it looks to create more jobs for employees too.

ByteDance already employs hundreds of workers in its different offices in Singapore, including Lark, which is a software related business. Singapore has been a busy country for companies and firms, providing plenty of return for these organizations thanks to the tech-literacy rate of the country. This is also the reason why many of the beta programs are held in Singapore as well to get the response from the demographic there - as the mobile usage is extremely high in the country.

TikTok has been in a lot of trouble the past few months, as it has faced adversity and problems with two of its biggest user bases in the world - the United States and India. The Indian Government has already put a ban on the app, which is owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company - as it was included in several Chinese apps that India put a ban on due to the clashes between the two armies at Ladakh border. Then, The United States also 

, as Donald Trump said he’s going to sign an executive order to put a ban on the Chinese app if it doesn’t hand over its business to Microsoft or other US based companies.

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