Business Owners Can Now Reply To Customers From Messenger

Jun 11, 2020 App News

Business Owners Can Now Reply To Customers From Messenger

Facebook was first introduced as a social networking app, where people could talk to their friends and family over the internet. It was only meant for the purpose of either texting, or media consumption in the form of photos and videos posted by people in the friend-list. However, since then Facebook has transformed massively into a giant platform for businesses and companies to run on. Yes, you can still use Facebook to view images or check news, but the way e-commerce has taken over Facebook, it’s become imminent for the app to provide proper incentives for such business owners.

Social media probably earns businesses more money than any other medium of sales, and thus there are so many of them on Facebook - the app being the biggest lead generator for companies. Previously, if you had a Facebook page, you had to use Page Manager to reply to any messages you had from customers. It was a one stop shop for all your business needs, as you could keep an eye on analytics regarding your page, and respond to messages from there as well. However, using the Facebook Page Manager was a hassle to reply to messages, since it would take more time to respond in comparison to simply replying to a text on Messenger. That’s why with its latest update, Facebook has introduced a new customers bar in Messenger for business owners, so that they can directly reply to texts from the same app that they use to text their friends and family with. You can choose whether you want to message as your page or your personal Facebook account, which is pretty convenient as well.

Moreover, you also get multiple notifications for these customer texts, as one notification would come to you right when the message is received, and the second one coming if you haven’t replied to the customer for some time. This is incredibly useful for making sure you don’t leave your potential customers hanging, and that directly affects the success of a business.

We’re sure business owners will be delighted with this update, as finally an update has been launched by Facebook catering to their needs. 

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