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Aug 02, 2021

HTC Mobiles - HTC Mobile Phones Prices In Pakistan

Developed as a laptop manufacturer in 1997, Taiwan-based HTC soon started to make Windows Mobile and Brew-based smartphones. It launched the first commercial Android smartphone, the HTC Dream in 2008, and today, it is a maker of smartphones focused on both Android and Windows. HTC, known for its big screen, is not a brand that we are not familiar with. Considered as one of the top mobile phone brands in Pakistan, HTC has officially set its foot in the market. Introducing their flagship Desire series, they are serving a great competition to other brands. The phones fall in a price category that made them the best in that particular range. The cameras and hand-in feel are made premium, considering the needs of a person. HTC has expanded its roots in the mid-range category too. The Wildfire series brings you top-quality phones at extremely reasonable prices. You can visit the Mobile Nerve for more information.

HTC mobile phones

HTC Wildfire E3 HTC Wildfire E3
PKR - 24,640
HTC Desire 20 Plus HTC Desire 20 Plus
PKR - 47,000
HTC U20 5G HTC U20 5G
PKR - 98,999
HTC Wildfire R70 HTC Wildfire R70
PKR - 34,999
HTC Wildfire E2 HTC Wildfire E2
PKR - 29,999
HTC Desire 20 Pro HTC Desire 20 Pro
PKR - 34,999
HTC Wildfire E1 HTC Wildfire E1
PKR - 16,900
HTC Exodus 1s HTC Exodus 1s
PKR - 35,999
HTC Desire 19s HTC Desire 19s
PKR - 34,999
HTC Wildfire E HTC Wildfire E
PKR - 22,500
HTC Desire 19 Plus HTC Desire 19 Plus
PKR - 55,999
HTC Wildfire X HTC Wildfire X
PKR - 29,999
HTC U19e HTC U19e
PKR - 75,999
HTC Desire 12s HTC Desire 12s
PKR - 31,999
HTC Exodus 1 HTC Exodus 1
PKR - 88,999
HTC U12 life HTC U12 life
PKR - 45,700
HTC Desire 12 Plus HTC Desire 12 Plus
PKR - 33,500
HTC U12+ HTC U12+
PKR - 112,999
HTC Desire 12 HTC Desire 12
PKR - 25,500
HTC U11 Eyes HTC U11 Eyes
PKR - 42,699