CoD Mobile Vs PUBG Mobile: Which One Is Better?

Aug 25, 2020 Games

CoD Mobile Vs PUBG Mobile: Which One Is Better?

Mobile games have reached new levels of complexity, graphics and gameplay, as they aim to be as good or at least near to their console variants. A few years back, mobile gaming was casual and only meant for entertainment purposes, as games like Flappy Bird, Subway Surfers and Color Switch were popular back in the day. Now, things have gotten a lot more serious, and gaming has advanced to a level that was never expected. Now mobile games can easily match the graphics of a PS3 or an Xbox 360, and who knows when it might catch up to PS4 as well!

We’re here to compare two of the best mobile games that you can play right now - PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile. Both of these games were previously PC games, and were then brought on to the mobile games section by the developers. Although the dynamics of both games are completely different, there’s one thing that’s similar with both mobile games - Chinese developer Tencent has a huge hand in both of them. Tencent is a giant in China, and directly worked on PUBG, whereas it’s sub-brand TiMi worked on CoD Mobile. Without further ado, let’s get into the comparison of the two gaming giants, and which one you should consider playing.

PUBG VS CoD Mobile: Which is the best mobile shooting game?

Before we get into which game is better, it’s important to realize what the user is looking for in a shooting game and what type of gameplay they prefer. Let’s get into both the games individually first, so we can compare the two at the end.

Call Of Duty: An Old Classic - Same Fast Paced Action

CoD Mobile adopts all of the things it was and still is known for in the gaming community. Intense and fast paced gameplay, with close encounters and fights that will keep you on your tiptoes from the start till the end. The FPS shooter is mainly known for its multiplayer mode, with modes like Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy and Domination to name a few. All modes have different objectives that players have to fulfill, but getting tons of kills is still more or less the main goal in each match in order to win. Two teams of 5 players each go at it with each other, as you either have to complete the given objective, i.e number of kills, a score for domination, etc or have the higher score before the time limit. It relies heavily on teamwork and communication, as you need to be aware of the whereabouts of the enemies at all times.

call of duty mobile cod mobile

Call of Duty Mobile also offers a lot to the players in terms of character and gun skins, as players can usually get a few epic skins every season for free through challenges and daily events. The battle pass is very generous in the game, as it contains 10+ epic skins consisting of both guns and characters, which is why you’ll see the majority of users having already bought the pass.

CoD also has a battle royale game mode, which has brought on board a lot of the qualities from the famous Call of Duty Warzone on PC and consoles. The game mode truly has the potential to be great, but currently features a lot of bots and is not as much of a challenge to play as compared to PUBG mobile. All in all, with the new season, CoD has seen massive changes, including the complex, yet fun way to customize your weapons beyond limits, thanks to the Gunsmith feature that was also brought from the recent CoD Modern Warfare on PC and consoles.

PUBG Mobile: King Of Battle Royale

PUBG has been a fan favourite in South Asian countries like Pakistan and India, as everyone ranging from kids to grown men know and probably plays the game. The game particularly has such a huge fan base due to it entering the market at a time where no other PC title was on the mobile app stores - and being the first or amongst the first to enter the mobile gaming world, they gained a lot of followers. Nonetheless, PUBG popularized the battle royale genre in the mobile gaming industry, just like it did on PC as well.