Black Shark 3 Pro, The In Depth Details Of This Gaming Phone

Jun 02, 2021 News

Black Shark 3 Pro, The In Depth Details Of This Gaming Phone

Xiaomi and Razer, both companies are diving into manufacturing gaming focused smartphones. These gaming smartphones offer some of the practical factors for the gameplay. 


Xiaomi black shark 3 pro is winning the hearts of gamers. With power, physical control , great and responsive display that works best with the graphics of top notch games, the xiaomi black shark 3 pro stores much more than just a gaming phone. 

Let’s see what this holds for you. 



The gaming smart phone manufacturer have studied the same methods as the gaming PC makers. These builders assume that gamers are from the similar genes that crave for extravagant RGB lights and Decepticon type of design that flourishes. 

If you’re amongst the same people who are looking for these requirements and expectations from the design of your very own gaming phone then xiaomi black shark 3 Pro is for you. Moreover, it has chunky aluminium shine and the flashy Black Shark logo RGB light on the back. The back camera is accompanied by a triangular blue rimmed motif as well. Although the Black Shark 3 pro has been made with keeping symmetry in mind , it’s a big No! when it comes to one handed use since the gaming phone is weighing 253 grams. 

Screen And Sound 


Moving on to the Black Shark 3 Pro overall screen display, the 7.1 inch screen is up to the scratch indeed. But it’s a little too much for a everyday phone when it comes to the size. However, it’s fantastic for landscape gaming. The flat screen is eye catching with no distractions of edgy designs that are crowded in the Android market. The display is in-fact very sharp with 1440 x 3120 (aka QHD) It’s providing choice of OLED and gives accurate colours and punchy blacks. Fresh rate over here is 90Hz with a 270Hz touch reporting rate and 24ms touch latency. Somewhere it means that the touch is little snappy , the issue has not been faced by any other flagship phones by Xiaomi though. Front facing stereo speakers with 3.5mm headphone jack is an idealistic gaming combination that is not found in many phones. 

Gaming And Performance 

Gaming is truly unblemished in the Black Shark 3 pro. Besides Apple, this gaming phone got the best Snapdragon 865 processor. The LPDDR5 RAM of 8Gb to 12Gb is nothing but blazing fast. The storage of UFS 3.0 increase the speed, at this point we can clearly say Xiaomi could spec any better than this. If we mention one thing that is the enemy of a gaming phone then it would clearly be the heating issue, in Xiaomi Black Shark 3 pro the meaty liquid cooling system banish more heat than usual. Consumers wouldn’t notice the uncomfortable heat up in this gaming phone even after rounds of PUBG mobile. The unique pop out physical buttons in Xiaomi Black shark 3 pro adds up more love to any game and it’s genuinely impressive. 

Battery, Camera And Other Noticeable Features

It’s pretty clear that these series are more focused on gaming and graphics than photography, you can not compare the camera to the top tier smartphones. The gaming mobile has triple camera, where 64 mega pixel main and a 13 mega pixel ultra wide and 5 mega pixel in depth camera. All these combine to take some fine photographs but it’s clear to say the quality is a little too sharper on the reds and orange and provides saturated images. On the battery end you are getting well perforating 5000mAh battery. 


In simple words, if you’re fully invested into a gaming experience than Xiaomi Black shark 3 pro has unmatched performance. 

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