Best Smartphones Under 30,000 Rupees

Jul 02, 2020 News

Best Smartphones Under 30,000 Rupees

Finding a good smartphone with decent specs at a considerably affordable price used to be hard back in the days. Either you had to sacrifice key features, battery and performance, or you had to sacrifice your kidney to get all of that. Well, that isn’t the case anymore as we’re halfway through 2020. Good phones have gotten cheap, and cheap phones have gotten good, and it’s astonishing the distance we have covered in a few years worth of time. In South Asia, and countries like Pakistan, the majority of the population that lives here belongs to the middle-class, and not everyone can afford the luxury of flagship devices and the latest and greatest from the likes of Samsung and Apple every single year. So most of us have to settle for mid range or lower mid range devices. Hence, we previously covered the best phones under 40000 rupees that you can get in Pakistan, and now we have for you the best phones you can get for under 30000.

Redmi Note 9

This is hands down the best option you can get for 30,000 currently in Pakistan. You may come across a better phone on paper from an unknown Chinese company from AliExpressbut trust us when we say that the Redmi Note 9 is the best phone for 30000 rupees. The performance on this device is best-in class, as you get a Helio G85 chipset that results in an Antutu score of about 200,000, which is top-notch at this price range. Moreover, you get a 5020 mAh battery with 18W fast charging capability. Android 10 is also on board with this one, and overall it’s just a fantastic experience from the software and hardware side of things. Go for this if you can!

Huawei Y9 Prime 2019

Huawei is known to make amazing phones at almost all price ranges. The latest Y9 Prime is no different. The phone started off at about 32 to 33 thousand rupees in Pakistan, but you can find it at around 30000 at most online websites. You get a full screen display with absolutely no distractions or interruptions, as this is probably the cheapest phone to feature a pop-up selfie camera in a smartphone. The camera setup itself is pretty impressive at this segment, and if you’re slightly skilled, you could definitely end up taking good shots with this. An all around decent phone, but not one that could catch up to the Redmi device. 

Vivo Y30

This phone is the cheapest on the list, at about 27000 rupees in Pakistan. The phone may not be as impressive as the other two on the list, but it has a few features to look out for that makes it a viable option at the price. The Y30 comes with a large 5000 mAh battery so it will last you long for about two days of use on a single full charge. You also get Android 10, and possible future software updates too, so that’s good to see. The performance and screen can be a little underwhelming on the Y30, but that’s about it. Read our full review on the Vivo Y30 for more information.

All in all, all these three phones have positives of their own, and can certainly be recommended under the 30000 price point, but it’s clear that Xiaomi has outdone themselves by making the Redmi Note 9 so great for the price that it would be hard not to term it the best phone under 30000 rupees for Pakistan!

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