Best PUBG Mobile Emulators For PC In 2020

Oct 19, 2020 Games

Best PUBG Mobile Emulators For PC In 2020

Gaming on mobile phones has gotten so advanced, that it’s gotten difficult to play such high tier games on just a mobile screen. There are games out there that could legitimately play on PC due to the complexity and design of the game. One such game is PUBG Mobile, which is one of the most popular multiplayer games in the world for mobile devices. Now you’d be asking - why play PUBG on mobile, when there’s a PC version available that has better gameplay and graphics? Well, firstly, the PC version is a paid game - and secondly, you need a lot of firepower in your computer to be able to play it. Point being, if you want to play PUBG Mobile on your PC, here are some of the best emulators around to help you do it!

Tencent Gaming Buddy


Well, this one is a no brainer, as it’s the official emulator provided by Tencent, the makers of PUBG. You’ll get support, and a large library of other games from Tencent as well - including COD Mobile. The emulator optimizes PUBG Mobile the best out of any other out there, and if that’s your only aim, then go for it. You can download the link from the website here.


pubg emulator

Bluestacks goes way back, and is a reliable source for playing Android games on your PC. The software, unlike Tencent’s emulator, can download any Android app from the Play Store, instead of just having a library from specific developers. You can even drag and drop any APKs you may have on your PC inside the app, and it will install automatically. You can go on the link here, and search for PUBG Mobile to download the game.

LD Player

pubg mobile emulator

LD Player is another great option if you want a reliable emulator to play PUBG Mobile, or any other modern mobile game from the Play Store, because you can do that here as well. Moreover, you can customize the layouts as well. Probably the best part with LD Player is the fact that you can access shortcuts for Android, which can come in handy in a lot of situations. You can head on to the website and download LD Player from here.

There are a few more alternatives to download PUBG Mobile on your PC as well, but we think these three might be sufficient for you to make your decision in this regard. Happy Gaming!

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