Best New Features In Android 11 Beta 3

Aug 08, 2020 News

Best New Features In Android 11 Beta 3

Android 11 Beta 3 was launched recently, and the main reason behind its release was to finalize the foundation for the stable release of the OS in a few weeks, and to give developers the final platform so that they can optimize and make their apps compatible with the new security frameworks set in place by Google and Android. Even though the new Beta update didn’t bring many features for the users, it still has some interesting updates to talk about - so here are the best new features that have arrived with the 3rd iteration of the Android Beta version.

New Emojis

android 11 emojis

The new Android 11 emojis by Google have finally arrived globally with the Beta 3 of Android 11, with several new skin tones, new animated emojis and a lot more. Users can finally make use of the new emoji set on Android now.

Media Player Options 

The Media Player in the notifications panel has been tweaked a little bit, as you now get a more sizable divider between the quick settings menu and the media player. Moreover, you can also now swipe away the media player if there’s no music playing on it.

Android Easter Egg

Android 11 brings back the Neko Cat easter egg from Android Nougat, as you can get a cat in this year’s easter egg. You have to bring up the Android 11 animation, and then try to turn over the clock all the way to the right. The hand will stop at 10 a few times, and finally after some tries, it will go all the way and Android 11 will show up and you’ll get a cat emoji in a popup bar from the bottom of the screen. You then go to the power menu settings that have been brought new to Android 11, go to other apps and then select “Cat Controls”. Enable all three options of Water, Toy and Food - and fill the water, play with the toy a few times and tap on food and put your phone down. After some time, you’ll get a cat on your phone which you can share the picture of with your friends.

That’s about it from the major features that have come to Android 11 Beta 3, as any other speculated feature to come to Android 11 that hasn’t been seen in Beta 3 will not be coming to the stable and full version of Android 11 when it drops, as this is the final version of the OS.

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