Best File Sharing Apps For Android In 2020

Sep 08, 2020 App News

Best File Sharing Apps For Android In 2020

Files are very important in the current day and age, as they could be of any format, be it pictures, videos or documents. Along with files being important, sharing them could have even more importance, as we usually store files to share them with others. Or, if you’re not sharing them with someone else, you could transfer files to and from your PC to keep a backup or to have your data saved on different devices so if you lose one, all your data doesn’t get lost. Considering all this, file sharing apps have also gained a lot of popularity, as people are always in the look for the best file sharing app they can find. Hence, we have a list of 4 of the best file sharing apps on Android that you can download for yourself.


share it

ShareIt is definitely one of the most, if not the most popular file sharing app on the Google Play Store, as it’s the only app on this list with over a billion downloads in total. The app has an easy to use interface, with the radar like animation to search for nearby devices for connection. Once the two devices are connected with each other, the files that are available for sharing are displayed on both sides, and the receiver can simply choose which files they want from the sender, without the sender having to further approve the file transfer process. 

The app is completely free, except for ads and a cost to pay to remove them completely. It also has a PC app as well if you want to transfer data between your phone and your computer.

Google Files

google files

Google Files is another one of the popular file sharing apps, as everything from Google is considered to be the best base app for that particular objective. Files, apart from keeping and storing your files, and being able to share them between your friends, also allows you to share files to and from your contacts offline as long as both parties have the app installed on their phones. Moreover, the security on this can not be questioned as well, considering it’s Google that’s commanding the app.

The app allows you to transfer data at speeds up to 480mbps, which is just insane - and it has over 500 million downloads, so you know it’s reliable as well.



Zapya is another one of the great file sharing apps, as it allows cross-platform sharing between Windows, Android, iOS and more - and that too, at high speeds. Zapya is a great alternative to the likes of ShareIt and Google Files, as it uses secure encryption for file transferring as well, along with non-internet file sharing with people who are closeby. You can connect up to 4 devices at once, and can share between all users instantly. Zapya is free to use as well.

These are some of the best file sharing apps you can download for yourself in the Android side of things - as they help you store, share and transfer files easily across devices. Download any of these apps, and you’ll be good to go!

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