Best Android Mobile Games In 2020

Jun 25, 2020 Games

Best Android Mobile Games In 2020

In such a time and era where smartphones are able to run console-level games without an issue, games have been taken to the next level on mobile devices. Moreover, with the coronavirus pandemic affecting all of us globally, everyone is spending more time at home, and what better way to pass time by playing mobile games? However, some people may prefer to battle royale games, whereas others may be more inclined towards racing games for the love of cars. It may get difficult to go to different articles and pages to find out what game you should get - so we got you covered, in this combined list of the best mobile games in 2020 that you can get for yourself, where we’ve mentioned the best game of each genre for you to download.

Best Battle Royale Game - Cyber Hunter

Whereas people would normally consider PUBG Mobile or Fortnite to be the best battle royale game on mobile, and we would sort of agree to that because of the popularity of these games and the regular updates that they get every month. However, it’s also to be noted that these games are overplayed, and some players may get tired of playing the same maps over and over again. Hence, we have thought to include one of the best alternative games to PUBG and Fortnite, which in our eyes is Cyber Hunter - a battle royale game where you don’t resort to basic combat skills that we’ve grown accustomed to over the past couple of years. In the game, you can get different powers like generating a force field or climbing on top of towers and what not. You can also roll around and duck for cover, and even parkour to avoid getting hit by your enemies. All in all, it’s definitely entertaining to say the least, and is one of the few games that combines amazing gameplay with beautiful graphics altogether, making for an enjoyable gaming experience. We suggest you play Cyber Hunter, and get a fresh breath of air in the saturated battle royale market.

Best Racing Game - Real Racing 3

Racing Games on Android and iOS phones have probably been one of the earliest game genres that received immense popularity. Infact, they were around even before smartphones came into existence, with phones like the Moto Razr V3 having great racing games installed inside them. You would steer left and right with the help of 4 and 6 on your numpad, and break using 8. Ever since then, things have evolved tenfold, and the main reason for the popularity of racing games on smartphones was the inclusion of a gyroscope inside these mobile devices. Gyroscope helps to steer the car in alignment by tilting your phone left or right. Developers soon got in on this idea, and started developing games that would use the gyro sensor to get the attention from users.This is what got the Asphalt racing game series so popular, and probably the title that most people would think of when talking about the best racing games in 2020. However, we just think that Real Racing 3 is a much more realistic experience, and would fall better with car enthusiasts due to its practical physics engine and things of that sort. You can get a plethora of cars to drive on the race tracks in the game, and even compete against other online players in real time. It’s a fantastic racing game, and in our eyes the best one you can get in 2020.

Best Shooting Game - CoD Mobile

Call of Duty is one of the most popular shooting games in the world, if not the most popular thanks to the multiple top-tier titles they have released for consoles over the years. However, last year they decided to hop on the mobile device market as well, as they released a global COD Mobile for smartphones around fall of 2019 - and is a game which we definitely consider to be amongst the best shooting games on mobile. The game consists of a multiplayer mode and a battle royale mode that players can play against other real-time players. Moreover, there was also a Zombies mode inside the game, which was recently taken out by the developers in the hopes of improving it and bringing it back at a later stage of the game. We just love the in-game mechanics and controls, and how close the experience is to the classic Call of Duty games that we grew up playing. The same nostalgic maps, guns and characters that we’ve loved over the years. There’s also a ranked mode inside the game which will ensure you get top players according to your rank, and not face multiple bots as you would often do in normal multiplayer matches. All in all, Activision has done a fantastic job in partnership with Tencent and TiMi studios.

There you go, those are the best mobile games of each major genre that you can download on your smartphones today. We hope that you enjoy these games, and stay tuned for a second part of these series, as we may release one in the near future!

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