Ban on TikTok In Pakistan Withdrawn by PTA. Services To Be Recovered With Improved Moderation

Oct 25, 2020 App News

Ban on TikTok In Pakistan Withdrawn by PTA. Services To Be Recovered With Improved Moderation

Tiktok ban has been finally uplifted in Pakistan, after it was banned for about 10 days in the country due to several reasons - the main one being immoral content on the app which PTA - Pakistan Telecommunications Authority - asked Tiktok to act upon, but there was no reply from the Chinese app. On the basis of further moderation of the content on the app, and the commitment of acting upon the pointers set by the Pakistani Government, Tiktok has been unbanned with stricter measures being applied to regulate the content on the social media application.

Tiktok was banned by the PTA due to the app containing immoral content which the telecommunications authority thought was damaging to the audience of the app. Moreover, it’s been revealed that PTA asked Tiktok to revise content from 40 different accounts - but the ByteDance app only managed to act upon 2 of those 40 apps, which certainly added to the disdain for Tiktok by PTA.

Pakistan ranks 13th in Tiktok’s list of largest market share holders - as there are lots of users on the social media platform from Pakistan. However, despite ranking 13th in downloads, Pakistan actually ranks 3rd in the amount of videos that Tiktok pulls from the country due to it not complying to the standards set by the app. Tiktok has actually removed more than 6 million videos from Pakistan due to breaches of the terms and conditions.

However, Pakistan is not the only country to have banned Tiktok, as India has the app blocked as well due to the tensions faced with China at the border - and even the US is on the verge of banning Tiktok if it doesn’t comply with the conditions set by the US administration.

PTA has stated that Tiktok will be permanently banned if it fails to comply with the promises that have been made about stricter moderation of the content that gets uploaded to the app.

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