Attack Of The Undead Comes To Call Of Duty Mobile!

Jun 20, 2020 Games

Attack Of The Undead Comes To Call Of Duty Mobile!

Call Of Duty is one of the most popular shooting games in the world, and basically shaped the way for shooters of this generation. However, the game which was once so popular on consoles and PCs decided that that wasn’t the end, and introduced a CoD mobile version for mobile players to enjoy as well. The decision paid off for them, because it has been a massively successful game, with hundreds of millions of players on the game as of now. It has a huge community, and developers make sure they bring out timely updates for the game to keep the users engaged and satisfied.

Keeping in line with this trend, with the release of Season 7, CoDM brought out plenty of new updates and features for users to feast on, and one of the new game modes that was announced at the time of release is now available for users to play. We’re talking about the brand new multiplayer mode, being Attack Of The Undead. This mode seems to be the same mode which was known as Infected on CoD Black Ops 2, but the name has been changed for probably copyright reasons.

In the mode, 10 players start the game as usual with every mode, and after a 10 second countdown, one of the players is selected as the undead, with the remaining 9 players being survivors. The undead player’s goal is to infect every survivor by killing them. Initially, they can use a gun to kill survivors, but after the first survivor has been infected, they can only use knives and tomahawks to kill the rest. The survivors can use guns throughout the game. When the last survivor is remaining, that player is given a “Death Machine” - which is a mini-gun that does extreme damage and is an in-game operator skill - and also gets double the health of a normal survivor. All 9 infected players have to kill this last survivor, and in the end whoever has the most points, wins.

We think that this game mode is a great addition to the game, and serves as a perfect way to have some fun with friends and fool around in this game mode. Along with this, Tunisia is a new map CoD has introduced with the release of Season 7, and we’ll be getting another map “Gulag” which is popular from CoD Warzone. We hope to see constant new updates from CoD just like this in the future as well!

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