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Asus ZenFone 8 Review

Asus experimented with large screens andflip out camera ZenFone 8 is now in a new direction to make a smaller phone with impactful quality of performance. Asus aimed to make one of the most compact android phone and it succeeded by making ZenFone 8 with no compromises. There’s not a lot of competition to face in the compact class phones, previously only IPhone 12 mini fell into this position, that was for iOS users. Hence, the Asus ZenFone 8 is the android version of a mini phone. The whole idea of this flagship phone revolves around the mini screen but the most powerful processor, a great battery and suitable camera which offers two cameras and a single selfie snapper, the back camera includes 64 mega pixel camera that acts as telephoto and zoom lens moreover the 12 mega pixel camera does the work of macro lens. The ZenFone 8 is incredible option for the mini phone fans. 

Design And Build  


One look at the ZenFone 8 typically make the people realise this is what we consider rare in the phone manufacturing industry. The design is basic with no useless addition and it’s a fit for all with premium build quality. Making this phone dust resistance, Asus marked it as the first phone with IP68 certification. The ZenFone features the usual flagship build that has double glass panes and aluminium frame in between. The frame is undoubtedly thicker than the usual phones in market but this does not make the phone heavy weight, the Zenfone 8 still weighs 165 grams. The front screen is made up of the latest Gorilla Glass Victus that is known for its shatter proof protection. The Gorilla Glass is protecting the 5.9 inch Samsung made OLED screen. The technology of the ZenFone 8’s screen is the most advertised feature. It is the Samsung made E4 AMOLED display. The screen over here supports the 120Hz adaptive refresh rate. The display passed all the tests and it’s as bright as the company promises it to be but the refresh rate also depends on the battery level of the phone. There’s a low brightness dimming to reduce any flickering. Dark mode is also enabled for the display in ZenFone and users can avail Always On display as well. 

Battery Life 


A compact phone is usually known for the good battery it has. ZenFone has the similar situation as it comes with a properly large size of battery which is 4,000mAhand with the clever techniques of manufacturing the phone manages to stay slim with this big battery. The phone however holds an average endurance with rating of up to 88 hours. Users can browse for up to 12 hours and watch videos for about 16 hours. Zenfone 8 features a 30W charging this isn’t the fastest charging level but it is surely a good fit for the small phone. 

Software And Performance 


The software is relatively a simplistic approach and ZenUI is a great choice for Zenfone 8 with the Android 11. Anyone looking for a simple and burden less software should really go for the Zenfone 8. Asus highlighted the One hand mode in the zenfone which can be activated with a swipe and users can adjust the maximum height of the one hand mode too. Asus Zenfone 8 offers the greater performer chipset that is Snapdragon 888. This chipset makes the Asus’s phone pass all the test in the performance level. The phone comes with 6GB to 8GB RAM and 128Gb to 256Gb storage. 

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