Asus ROG II Review: Not Just A Great Gaming Phone

Jul 20, 2020 Reviews

Asus ROG II Review: Not Just A Great Gaming Phone

Asus has been trying to make phones specifically for gamers with their ROG lineup, and it’s nothing subtle either - something gamers will appreciate. Gaming-related accessories and devices are usually aggressive with their designs and features, and the same could be said for the ROG 2 phone. It has the much loved RGB lighting all around the back, and it is completely customizable. It is solely dedicated for gamers, as the ROG name suggests, being Republic Of Gamers, and that’s why you can expect the phone to be a powerhouse in performance - and it’s just that, being one of the fastest phones you can find on the market as of now. Let’s jump in the review and see what all the Asus gaming phone brings to the table for users, and if it’s only for gamers, or an overall great phone.  

Design and Build

It’s pretty simple with the ROG 2’s design; you’ll either love it or hate it - and we are on the prior side. The thing is, every phone in the market is more or less the same nowadays, with a glossy glass finish on the front and back, and some fancy color way at the backside to top it off. The ROG phone goes with a different approach, and offers its users customizable RGB lighting on board, and an aggressive design that gamers will surely love and be familiarized with fairly quickly. The back is gorilla glass 6, but ASUS has managed to make it look different from the rest of the pack. There are also cooling vents at the back, which don’t only enhance the overall aesthetic, but also add plenty of functionality for performance.

The phone also comes with 3 different USB-C connector ports - yes, you heard us right, THREE USB-C connector ports. ASUS added a port at the bottom of the phone as usual, and 2 ports are at the sides. You can use one of those side ports to charge your phone while gaming, but the other port is solely for connecting many of ASUS’ accessories for the ROG phone. This specific connector has an orange color overlay to distinguish it from the rest.


The display on the ROG 2 is fantastic. The phone comes with a 6.59” FHD+ AMOLED display that gives out plenty of vibrant colors and deep blacks, paired with decent viewing angles. Moreover, a stand-out feature is the inclusion of 120Hz refresh rate on the display, a feature that makes the whole phone experience a lot smoother. The screen will ensure that you get all your media consumption and gaming done in the most pleasurable way, and hence the screen is a huge part of the whole experience, it’s a major plus point for the ROG 2 phone. To top it all off, the phone also has a touch latency of 48ms, which is one of the fastest out there by far, and it helps a lot when you have to input commands instantly while gaming and can help you have an advantage over your peers and foes alike.


We don’t think that we even need to talk about the phone’s performance and its capabilities. It’s a gaming phone, and you’re going to get the best gaming experience on this device by far. The phone comes with a Snapdragon 855+, an incredibly powerful chipset, combined with 12 gigs of RAM - sheesh, Asus needs to calm down. You also get 512GB of storage to keep all those heavy games on board. Moreover, the option for UFS 3.0 is also provided, meaning you can transfer files to and from your phone much more quickly. Your gaming experience is going to be unparalleled on the ROG 2, with smooth frame rates throughout, be it a heavy game like PUBG mobile running on max settings. The phone will power through anything thrown at it, and with the 6000 mAh in the bag, battery life deteriorating isn’t even a concern anymore. The built-in vents help cool the device, and make the chipset even more efficient at its tasks.

You also get two shoulder buttons on the sides of the phone, so when you’re gaming, you can program the buttons to do specific commands in game, such as shoot or aim. This can be a massive help while gaming, and can certainly put you ahead of your competition.

Camera & Battery Life

The cameras on the ROG 2 don’t disappoint like the first iteration, and like how many expect gaming phones to be in the first place. The phone rocks the same camera setup from the Zenfone 6, which had a good camera performance overall. The same can be said for the ROG 2, as it takes great photos in decent lighting conditions with the Sony IMX sensor, with the pictures coming out well-detailed. Dynamic range is good too, and overall your end-results are going to impress you nonetheless. The front camera is decent too, and you can surely take above-par selfies to post on your Instagram.

Moreover, the battery life on the phone is obviously excellent, as you’d expect from a 6000 mAh battery unit. You can easily go two days with this monster of a phone, even after heavy gaming all day. And if still you manage to clear out the battery, then a 30W charger provided in the box will juice you back up in no time! Probably the best battery performance in any phone.


All in all, the ROG series have seriously stepped up with their second version of the phone, as it’s not entirely focused on gamers, because it has features like the option of a stock android look for users not interested in the aggressive gaming UI - which you still can use. The more than decent cameras also speak in that matter, and Asus has shown everyone that it can make the ROG phone not just tailored for gamers, but for anyone looking to get a great phone at the price point.

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