Assistance: Make Whatsapp Video and voice call via Google Assistance

Apr 19, 2020 App News

Assistance: Make Whatsapp Video and voice call via Google Assistance

Before the start of quarter three, announcement had been made by the Google Inc. that Google Assistance has been integrated with WhatsApp. Now Whatsapp video and voice call can be accessed with Google Assistance but there are several realities with which users must be aware of. Google Assistance might get your command wrong and display the wrong results if below keyword pattern is missing.

Users need to give a complete command to Google Assistance for Whatsapp Video or Voice call. For instance, in order to make an Audio Call, you need to give these essential keywords in your sentence which are “CALL”, “WhatsApp” and “Contact Name” (saved in your address book).

“Hey Google, Please call Martin on WhatsApp” or “Hey Google, Make a WhatsApp Call to Martin”.

Similarly, for making a video call with Google Assistance on Whatsapp, a keyword is added in the protocol which is “Video Call”.

“Hey Google, Make a WhatsApp Video call to Martin” or “ Hey Google, Please Video Call to Martin on Whatsapp”.

In case, if you miss the keyword pattern, Google Assistance might give you some twitter, youtube or dailymotion stuff as the result. If you miss the keyword “WhatsApp”, it will connect the call with Google Duo.

You also can save time by adding a nickname to your contacts as you might have two Martin in your contact list. It is a real life challenge, which can be sorted out by adding a nickname in your address book and then you can make voice and video call with Google Assistance on WhatsApp by giving the “Nickname” as keyword instead of “Contact Name”.

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