Arsalan Ash Talks About The PUBG Ban

Jul 08, 2020 News

Arsalan Ash Talks About The PUBG Ban

After the recent ban on PUBG Mobile in Pakistan, a lot of gamers have criticized the officials responsible for the decision and talked about how it’s affecting the progression of eSports in the country. ESports is a well-respected field globally with an ever-so emerging player base and revenue. Infact, Pakistan is listed at the 11th spot of the top eSports countries in the world, and that’s thanks to a few gamers who have been given the spotlight at global events, and they used it to their advantage and shined bright. One such gamer from Pakistan is Arsalan Ash, who was named as the eSports Player of The Year in 2019 thanks to his performances at the Tekken global tournament.

Arsalan recently posted a video on his Youtube channel, and talked about the PUBG ban himself, and had quite a few thoughts in his head about the whole situation. He spoke about how the COVID-19 situation has resulted in so much unemployment worldwide, and in such times where eSports is still helping gamers get some sort of revenue to their name, it’s unacceptable to ban such a popular game in Pakistan. He also talked about how all major tournaments on global games took place virtually online, and the ban on PUBG would now result in players being unable to take a part in these competitions that countries like India are encouraging.

Arsalan went on to say

There are so many talented players in Pakistan who deserve international exposure, but sponsors are focused on Cricket, and esports is being neglected. There is so much stuff happening in the esports scene in Pakistan, and not only it’s being neglected, it’s being banned so that talent never makes an international leap. We are bringing international players in Pakistan on our own without any support from the government, and you know how difficult it is to bring international players in Pakistan.

He then humbly requested the government of Pakistan to take back the decision and allow gamers to have their fair share of income being generated from the game. We stand with Arsalan and hope that gamers who could be the next Arsalan Ash don’t have that opportunity taken away from them.

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