Arabic Games Conference To Go Live On The 17th Of July

Jul 10, 2020 Games

Arabic Games Conference To Go Live On The 17th Of July

Gaming has been one of the forefront industries in the world for a long time now, as the gaming world has been growing exponentially year by year. What was once considered a hobby and a source of entertainment, now has a fully functional global competitive scene, with professional gamers earning millions every year. Esports definitely has a huge market currently, with the potential to go even further down the road. It’s become a full-time job for many youngsters, and that’s why developers and other stakeholders are paying so much attention to the way they approach games nowadays.

One such way to appeal to gamers is through gaming conferences, and one such gaming conference coming up recently is the Arabic Games Conference 2020, on the 17th and 18th of July. This is going to be a lot similar to the world renowned E3 gaming conference, which is often considered as the standard of global gaming events. The conference will consist of different speakers, panels and will have developers talk about their games and so on. It will be a good opportunity to discuss new ventures, and talk about the needs of gamers and what developers have in mind.

The event will feature:

  •  8+ Arab Game Dev Communities
  • 16+ Arabic Talks and Panels with experts from Epic Games, Dice Studios, Ubisoft, and more!
  • 19 Targeted Arab Countries
  • 10+ Indie Game Highlighted
  • 10+ Participating Game Studios in the Job Fair
  • 200 Participating Indie Game Developers
  • 500 Participating Students

All those numbers ensure that the event is going to be nothing short of amazing, and will serve as an informative event for all the stakeholders of games. The entire event will be held online. 
For more information, check out the website of the Arabic Games 2020. 

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