Apple's Next-Generation Watch Series 7 May Come With The Feature To Measure Blood Sugar

May 03, 2021 News

Apple's Next-Generation Watch Series 7 May Come With The Feature To Measure Blood Sugar

According to AppleInsider, the British startup Rockley Photonics is preparing to list on the New York Stock Exchange soon. Judging from the documents submitted by the company to the US Securities and Exchange Commission SEC, this company has an essential connection with Apple. The company's blood glucose measurement technology is expected to be introduced in Apple Watch Series 7 in 2022.

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Rockley Photonics is headquartered in the UK and designs and develops technology that uses infrared to monitor human blood. The sensor can measure heart rate, blood oxygen and monitor blood sugar and even alcohol levels. According to the SEC filing, Rockley disclosed financial information, stating that Apple is one of the company's few large customers. The top two customers accounted for 99.6% of the company's revenue in 2019 and 100% in 2020. It is not yet clear how much Apple accounts for its sales, and the name of another significant customer is also unknown. Foreign media said that the startup company is signing a supply and development agreement with Apple. The company's primary income will continue to rely on Apple and another major customer in the future.

According to AppleInsider, Rockley Photonics CEO Andrew Rickman said that the technology developed by the company would be applied to consumer products in 2022 but declined to disclose whether it is related to Apple.

There have been rumours that Apple is studying a method for measuring blood sugar using Apple Watch, and Apple has also announced a patent for measuring blood sugar without drawing blood. Suppose Rockley Photonics' technology development is booming. In that case, it will significantly improve the convenience of blood glucose monitoring for people with diabetes in the future and avoid the pain of blood sampling and measurement.

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