Apple's App Store Has 40,000 Chinese Apps Removed From Its Platform

Aug 19, 2020 App News

Apple's App Store Has 40,000 Chinese Apps Removed From Its Platform

The US and China have been on rough terms since months now, as President Donald Trump isn’t really a big fan of the Chinese administration due to his own assigned reasons. This has caused a massive blow to a lot of Chinese apps and services that were operating in China. However, China hasn’t backed down from the challenge either. China has made sure to cut off all US based services, including apps like Whatsapp from China. Moreover, we recently covered the news about US companies begging Trump’s government to take back the statements he made about banning WeChat in the US, as it could result in massive loss of business for US companies and sales in China.

Now with another power move from China, they’ve forced the exit of about 40,000 apps from the Chinese App Store on Apple devices, which is seriously going to hurt the company’s business. Apple previously had a loophole to go about relevant laws, but the Chinese government had dealt with Apple privately in China, and that has led to this move. This isn’t the first time that Apple has been pushed to do such a thing within China - as previously the Chinese government pushed them to suspend the services of iBookstore and iTunes from China, only months after it got back on the platform.

This is going to come as bad news to the Apple headquarters in the US, as they’re going to face massive losses if this news comes into existence. The tension grows between the two countries, as Trump previously stated that he’d ban TikTok, and would even sign an executive order for that very reason. Moreover, Trump has also hinted at potentially banning WeChat - the biggest app inside of China. Huawei has faced plenty of hardships as well from the US - the phone manufacturer being the biggest in the world, as Trump’s administration has put dozens of sanctions on the company. The situation aggravates more and more, as there seems to be no end to it - however, we do hope for a peaceful conclusion to this situation which might require third party involvement.

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