Apple Watch 6 Brings Features Catering To Mental Health

Jul 17, 2020 News

Apple Watch 6 Brings Features Catering To Mental Health

Apple is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world, as it’s been in the top 3 biggest phone makers in the world for a long time. However, Apple isn’t only known for its phones - it makes a range of other products that do pretty well themselves as well. The iPad, iPods, Macbooks and Apple Watch series - all are leading devices in their categories, and we’re here to talk about the latter of the bunch, as we have some news about the upcoming  Apple Watch 6. The watch from Apple has been the face of smartwatches for a long time, as it’s usually the only smartwatch that people know of, with Samsung’s Galaxy Watch series being the only real contender to them in terms of popularity. 


The 6th iteration of the watch is going to have exciting health related features that will intrigue a lot of Apple fans and smart appliance lovers alike. It will have a premium design that we’ve grown accustomed to from all these years, and will also improve matters in the software side of things as well. The change is more directed to mental health concerns, as along with the newest watchOS 7, the Apple Series 6 will consist of a panic attack alert, which will be possible by a new blood oxygen sensor that’ll track your metrics and give you an alert if it exceeds a certain limit. Moreover, it will also have features that will tie in well with Yoga lovers. The watch will measure the user’s energy levels along with their movement patterns to tell what kind of yoga they’re doing.  


It’ll be interesting to see how the news around the watch develops further, as it does seem like the watch is on the way to become the most popular one in the market amongst the masses. However, the Galaxy Watch 3 will give it a run for its money, and we’ll have to wait and see which one ends up top.  

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