Apple Warns Developers With Unlicensed Apps

Jul 10, 2020 News

Apple Warns Developers With Unlicensed Apps

Apple is one of those companies that considers security to be a top priority, and will go to any extent to make sure it’s implemented in all of its branches properly. We see the comparisons made between iOS and Android, as users talk about the freedom of customizability in the latter. However, the security situation on iOS and Apple devices is far greater than on Android phones, and that’s why they don’t allow for as much customization as its counterpart. Apple makes sure all of its software related applications are secure, and that goes for iCloud, Apple Music, and finally the App Store as well.

Recently, there was a surge of applications getting on the App Store that were left unregistered and unlicensed by the developers, which was causing a bit of threat to Apple’s security. The tech giant finally decided to take a step against these developers, as they’ve asked all developers with unlicensed apps on Apple’s platform to show their approval number before 31st July, or else the company will take their application off of the App Store. Developers are also stuck in a weird space, as applying for a license can take up to 6 to 12 months, and waiting around that time without their app on the platform can seriously hurt their revenue generation.

It’s a strange situation to consider frankly, as we don’t know if developers didn’t license their games or apps intentionally, or had no other choice - but it’s also important you follow all the rules and guidelines if you want to legally operate as a business entity. Apple shouldn’t be considered a villain for kicking out unlicensed apps, but at the same time they should make their licensing process easier for developers as well.

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