Apple Vs Fortnite: Judge Says Apple Was Right To Kick Fortnite Off The App Store, Unreal Engine Safe For Epic

Aug 26, 2020 Games

Apple Vs Fortnite: Judge Says Apple Was Right To Kick Fortnite Off The App Store, Unreal Engine Safe For Epic

The Apple vs Fortnite saga has been heating up for quite a while, as both parties are going at it with each other with claims that the other side is in the wrong. Fortnite recently decided to allow all of its in-app revenue to go through its own portal directly, without giving Apple their standardized, 30% piece of the cake. Apple didn’t take any time to let this pass, as they immediately kicked Fortnite off of their store. Fortnite fought back and filed a lawsuit against Apple, along with announcing a #FreeFortnite tournament in the game, which offered anti-Apple rewards to players.

Now, the ruling has been heard inside the court for the initial phase of the case, as the judge has stated that Apple has and had all the right to kick Epic and Fortnite off of their App Store, as the game developer violated their Terms Of Service. However, they did say that Apple had no right to block the development tools of Epic’s Unreal Engine.

This might seem as if the judge has given the decision in the favour of Apple, but that isn’t the complete story. 

The decision made in the court isn’t the final outcome of the complete case - as that will take a long time to be given a verdict on. The current ruling is only for temporary basis, as the judge looked to respond to Epic’s actions on the App Store. Moreover, a trial date hasn’t even been set for the case, which can take it to 2021 even.

Epic spoke against the monopolistic dealings of Apple, as it ruled out any ideas or threats of competition, and has become a monopoly and abuses its power against developers - hence they had no incentive to cooperate with their policies. Apple argued that Epic was asking for special treatment, and that it had to be in line with the standard set for all the developers on the platform.

We’ll have to wait and see how the case moves forward, as it’s unclear to decide who has the upper edge for now - since the court reportedly showed signs of considering Apple a monopoly, which is a huge plus for Epic and the future of small-scale developers.

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