Apple Planning To Manufacture iPhone 12 In India

Mar 10, 2021 News

Apple Planning To Manufacture iPhone 12 In India

Regarding Apple's transfer of iPhone production capacity to India, despite many accidents during the period, after five years of cultivation, Apple is ready to produce the iPhone 12 series in India. Once relied on the rise of Made in China and now moved to India and Southeast Asian countries, Cook's plans for Apple are gradually being reflected in reality, and his face is naturally blooming.

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Apple said in a statement: "We are proud to be able to start producing iPhone 12 for local customers in India. Apple is committed to manufacturing the best products and services in the world to satisfy our customers". To enter the Indian market, for Apple, is undoubtedly an effective development strategy. India's huge population and the vast and unopened market will bring new growth.

However, in the Indian mobile phone market, the Apple iPhone is not very popular to a certain extent. The main reason is that it is expensive. After all, the local consumption capacity is limited. Because of this, Apple is more willing to develop the Indian market. Building a factory in India is undoubtedly a vital way to reduce costs and increase local people's awareness of Apple, and it can help Apple increase iPhone's share in India.

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At the end of the mobile phone sale, it must be a service, which is a human head business. Although India's consumption power is not right, the population base is large, and there is no increase in Apple users. The various paid services bundled under Apple ID will provide a steady stream of profits for Apple. Open up the Indian market, it is said that the pricing of its services in India is also much cheaper than in other parts of the world.

As early as May 2020, Apple began to expand its manufacturing efforts in India. The achievable goal is to transfer about one-fifth of the existing Chinese manufacturing to India. This move comes at a time when Apple is experiencing rapid growth in India. In the fourth quarter of 2020, Apple's iPhone business in India will double year-on-year. However, this number still only stands at 1.5 million units.

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IDC analysis believes that it is now planning to produce the iPhone 12 in India, which will help Apple continue the growth momentum in 2021. It is understood that in addition to the upcoming iPhone 12 in the Indian factory, the company also produces iPhone 11 and iPhone XR in India. Also, Cook confirmed that an Apple Store will be opened in India this year.

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