Apple Might Discontinue iPad Mini After Launching First Foldable iPhone

Nov 12, 2020 News

Apple Might Discontinue iPad Mini After Launching First Foldable iPhone

A few weeks ago we actually heard news about Apple seemingly looking to manufacture a rolling or folding device in the future, as we saw in some reports suggesting that they made some rough renders of the phone.

However, the main issue at hand is that if Apple makes a foldable iPhone in the coming future, maybe in a year or two’s time - it will collide with their already small blueprint of the iPad, being the iPad Mini. The mini version of the Apple tablet serves as a great portable device you can carry around, use iPadOS on for all that productivity feature list, and what not - so making a foldable iPhone that would serve that purpose would make the iPad Mini redundant, or perhaps even affect the sales of that foldable iPhone.

Hence, it’s been reported that Apple may decide to discontinue the iPad Mini range of their tablets, as they won’t be of much use if iPhones get to the state of folding in the coming years. You would be able to use iPadOS with the iPhone when it’s fully folded, and the regular iOS when it’s not - or be able to switch between the two, we don’t know what Apple has planned out for that exactly yet.

The phone is expected to offer at least 8 gigs of RAM and 256GB of storage, and will be priced around the 1,500 dollar mark - an understandable price point for a foldable phone. Moreover, Apple has asked Samsung to manufacture these screens for them, as Samsung is already experienced in the field, and has provided displays to them in the past, as their partnership is not unknown in the market.

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