Apple Might Be Releasing A Cheaper "SE" Smartwatch

Aug 22, 2020 News

Apple Might Be Releasing A Cheaper "SE" Smartwatch

Apple as a company has always been known for its premium-ness, and how it’s considered to be a luxury for most people. Their phones are mostly flagships coming at around a thousand bucks, with the more premium models going even higher than that. However, in recent years, Apple has changed that policy slightly, as they get in the mood to release a device for the mid range audience as well, as they did with the iPhone SE years ago. Then once again they released the iPhone SE (2020) this year which was another great mid range phone - and it surely gained the company more followers so it wasn’t really a loss for them.

Now it seems like Apple might be bringing that mid range strategy to their smartwatch lineup as well, as they’re planning to release an “SE” variant for that too. We were expecting Apple to be working on the Apple Series 6, as they plan to release the latest flagship smartwatch somewhere in 2020 itself. However, a renowned and well-respected tipper named Komiya has mentioned the working of Apple on a newer, cheaper smartwatch that will surely make Apple users happy.

Apple Watch SE

Currently, Apple has only 2 smartwatches available for purchase in the market, with the Apple Series 5, and the Series 3. The SE variant is supposedly going to be released to replace Apple Series 3, as it will come with the same or similar price tag but with better specs. As the leaker has stated above, Apple will likely stick with an older design model on the SE smartwatch, but it will come with specs to match with the upcoming Series 6 premium watch. That means it will still have the same old crown at the side, whereas the Series 6 is getting rid of it - and more design dissimilarities with the flagship model. However, for the majority of users, the performance is the main aspect, and that goes well with the mentality imposed by Apple on the iPhone SE - outdated design but top of the line performance.

The upcoming Apple SE smartwatch will likely cost you about $199, like the Apple Series 3 currently - and it might be possible that Apple releases a whole ecosystem of cost-friendly products for users who want their whole life to be surrounded by Apple - but at a cheaper cost.

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