Apple May Have Booked TSMC's 4nm Process Capacity For Mac Chips

Apr 09, 2021 News

Apple May Have Booked TSMC's 4nm Process Capacity For Mac Chips

According to reports, Apple has booked TSMC's 4nm process capacity, and the first product is expected to be a Mac chip. According to the report, Apple is the primary customer of TSMC's advanced chip process technology. TSMC's current 5nm process's prior customer is Apple, and most of the first wave of 3nm process capacity will be reserved for Apple.


TSMC CEO Wei Zhejia said it would launch a 4nm process and plan mass production in 2022. The 4nm process will fit with the design rules of the 5nm process. However, it is worth noting that some other media recently quoted sources from foundry tool suppliers that TSMC's 4nm process is expected to measure production in the four seasons of this year, ahead of the original plan.

Also, TSMC Chairman Liu Deyin previously revealed at the event that TSMC's 3nm and future major process nodes would be launched as scheduled and enter production, even ahead of expectations. The 3nm process is expected to be trial-produced in the second half of this year and mass production in the second half of next year. Compared with 5nm, the logic density of the 3nm process is increased by 1.7 times, the computing speed is increased by 11%, and the computing power consumption is reduced by 27%.

TSMC plans to start mass production of A15 chips as scheduled at the end of May, using an enhanced 5nm process. According to Apple's past rhythm, this chip will use in the iPhone13 series.

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