Apple Is Working On A Phone That Folds Like A Scroll

Jun 24, 2020 News

Apple Is Working On A Phone That Folds Like A Scroll

Day-in day-out we see strange new innovations being made in the smartphone world that it never ceases to amaze us. We have come across phones with 4 and even 5 cameras on the rear, because why not; we’ve seen OLED displays in phones like the iPhone X, where the display is rolled from the bottom so it can fit the whole front. We have also come across punch-hole cutouts on the front to make room for selfie cameras, and now we have folding phones around us as the newest technology being implemented and perfected in smartphones by manufacturers.

Now Apple is usually not the company to innovate or create a new piece of technology on their own. They usually wait for other manufacturers to test out that technology first, and then they hop on with a better and smoother version of it. However, things may be looking different here for the company, as we’ve gotten our hands on a picture of a patent that Apple recently uploaded. The patent shows a render of a scroll, which may turn into a whole screen that Apple may be producing. We’ve seen phones that fold in half vertically and horizontally; however, we haven’t seen phones fold fully like a scroll does, and Apple may be the first manufacturer to actually bring that idea into existence, as the patent suggests.

We don’t know how Apple plans to bring this technology to future smartphones and make them as flexible as this, but we’re surely excited for the company to provide us with further leaks and information so we can get better knowledge of what’s about to hit us in the near future!


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